Corporate Meeting Space


Turn a meeting into an experience at The Temple House in South Beach Florida. This one of a kind corporate meeting space is stunning, sophisticated, and 100% private. Invite your company, team, clients, investors, or guests to one of the most unique conference venues in the world. Whether you’re looking to host an international conference, introduce a new product, launch a new car, or have a training session, we can help you create experiential environments for your employees or clients.

Unconstrained by the typical ballroom look, The Temple House delivers a clean, white blank canvas with no pre-determined embellishments, colors or decor. With complete creative freedom, you can bring your brand to life at The Temple House. We have everything you need to host a spectacular event. Our unique conference venue includes: 

  • Plenty of space for up to 500 guests

  • In-house full audio visual department

  • In-house, award-winning projection mapping system

  • Full commercial catering kitchen

  • Audio visual equipment

  • An array of furniture and décor options

  • Indoor vehicle accommodation

  • Break out rooms

  • Second level outdoor terrace with water feature perfect for lunch and break sessions

  • Grand Room with 23-foot ceilings

  • Private VIP, celebrity, or executive rooms

  • Valet parking

  • Staging

  • Custom Projection Mapping

    The Temple House is located in close proximity to many of the main hotels in Miami Beach, and within walking distance of the new $650 million Miami Beach Convention Center. The perfect corporate meeting space is waiting. Contact us today to start planning!

    Meetings & Conferences

    Host your event at the most unique conference venue in Miami. Not only can we spaciously accommodate for up to 500 guests with full in-house A/V and catering, but we also provide all-inclusive services such as catering options, valet parking, and an outdoor terrace. Display Power Points, videos, presentations, and more like never before with our exclusive 360-degree projector mapping system. Turn your meeting into an experience attendee’s will never forget, at The Temple House in South Beach.

    Company Events

    Make your employees feel like royalty at our exclusive corporate meeting space and celebrate your phenomenal year by awarding dedicated employees with the experience of a lifetime. This award winning, internationally recognized unique conference venue accommodates up to 500 guests and has everything you need to plan an epic company event. Renowned for its exquisite interiors and classic art deco craftsmanship, The Temple House is a perfect space to achieve your corporate event vision and goals. Between the pristine, white blank-canvas interior and beautiful outdoor lounge area, The Temple House is the perfect corporate meeting space for any and all company events. You’re a next level company, so plan a next level event at our luxurious venue. 

Projection Mapping

The addition of our projection mapping technology for corporate events is a new and sensational feature that companies and brands are utilizing as a powerful tool to elevate events to entirely new levels.  Strong visual messaging is exceedingly important to every growing company - projection mapping is the engine that presents your story like no other.  Travel through a computer motherboard at light speed, cast your logo onto 23-foot tall walls, visit any city in the world, take an underwater excursion or float in outer-space. The possibilities are endless at this corporate meeting space! Find out why the biggest celebrities and brands in the world rely on The Temple House to produce their award winning events.  Our team will help customize your unique event for whatever theme, objective or message. 

With limitless possibilities, The Temple House makes ordinary events extraordinary. Past company meeting themes include:

  • Launching of new luxury vehicles

  • Launch of new luxury line of watches

  • Launch of new luxury jewelry

  • Showcasing corporate headquarter cities around the world

  • Launching a new high-end residential real estate complex

  • Opening a new international location with immersive geographically significant visuals

  • Launch of new feature films

  • Launch of music videos

  • Book release parties

  • Press junkets

  • Album release parties

  • Tropical Miami visuals

  • Holiday parties

  • Theme parties