Inspired automobiles. Celebrated photography. Evocative art.

The Temple House in Miami Beach is always abuzz with creative activity during the annual Art Basel festivities and this year the beauty and the elegance of automotive design juxtaposed against thought-provoking fine art made for an exceedingly memorable gathering at the space.

Rolls-Royce rolled into The Temple House during Art Basel 2013 in sleek style with luxury motor cars, a Karl Lagerfeld photo exhibition, and an artist talk with American painter, Will Cotton.

The Karl Lagerfeld photos were part of a photography exhibition entitled ‘A Different View’.

The Lagerfeld photographs being displayed at The Temple House were created as part of the Rolls-Royce ‘Icons of Art’ series - a succession of art collaborations between Rolls Royce and notable contemporary artists which served to share passion for innovation and artistic merit, while also paying tribute to the impeccable artistry inherent in each Rolls Royce motor car.

Art Basel was the final stop for the ‘Icons of Art’ series and The Temple House was the setting where artist Will Cotton gave his Artist Talk.

Cotton’s work primarily features landscapes composed of sweets, often inhabited by human subjects. In Cotton’s words, these paintings depict “a utopia where all desire is fulfilled all the time, meaning ultimately that there can be no desire, as there is no desire without lack."

Cotton connected with the audience of artists, collectors and art journalists and spoke, among other topics, about his work as the Artistic Director for Katy Perry's 2010 music video, California Gurls.

Eric Shepard, the President of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, North America, was on hand at The Temple House.

Leisure Society, a high-end eye-wear manufacturer, was also present and accounted for during the Rolls-Royce Temple House Event.  Leisure Society creates sunglasses that are made of luxury materials such as titanium, 12-24k white & yellow gold plating, diamonds, and buffalo horn - and they are worn by celebrities from Jennifer Lawrence to Will Ferrell.

The event concluded with a private dinner for the guests of Braman BMW Rolls-Royce.