Next time you’re flipping through the channels and happen to stop on Bravo during an episode of Property Envy - you may want to keep an eye out for an appearance by The Temple House!

Property Envy hosts Brandie Malay, Jeff Lewis, and Mary McDonald took a look at The Temple House - our luxury Miami Beach private event venue which doubles as the largest single family home in South Beach!


The season one episode was titled: “The Houses Are Holier than Thou” - and featured The Temple House alongside a Sedona sanctuary and a converted church. Our property fit right in because of its history as a temple in the 1940’s, well before it was converted back into a home and exclusive event space 2003 by the current owner, Dan Davidson.

Now, The Temple House also serves as a celebrity-soaked film and photography production venue, as the best location in Miami Beach for upscale catered events, and during lavish corporate events and cocktail parties.

The 30 foot ceilings in the 6,600 square foot great room make the perfect setting for extravagant Miami Beach wedding receptions!

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