When LINEA ROMA Eyewear secures The Temple House in Miami Beach as the photo and video shoot location for their 2014 collection, you can be absolutely assured that a surplus of sexy style is at the top of the agenda.

And when you get a glimpse at the results of LINEA ROMA’s photo and video productions, you’ll understand why they chose The Temple House as the setting to showcase their innovative and fashionable designs.

Just as it has for multitudes of other product launches and commercial photo/film productions - The Temple House becomes the perfect display case for LINEA ROMA Eyewear. It’s something about the spaciousness. The quality of light inside the venue. The placement of the windows. The height of the ceilings. A wide-open and white blank canvas with the natural ability to elevate the aesthetics of coveted items to unexpected realms and new perspectives. If only all products were presented with such a luxurious flair, in such an ornate designed by famed Art Deco architect, Lawrence Murray Dixon.

Created 25 years ago in Miami by Vision Design Eyewear, the LINEA ROMA brand of eyewear is now manufactured in 10 different European factories and sold in over 90 countries around the world.