As one of the world’s top pop music superstars, Enrique Iglesias has has amassed more than 70 number-one rankings on the various Billboard charts, sold over 100 million units worldwide, and is one of the best-selling Spanish artists of all time. Three of Iglesias’ music videos recently surpassed 100 million views on Vevo and its partners (including YouTube) - and he was honored with a “Vevo Certified” event ceremony at The Temple House in Miami Beach.


The cameras were rolling as Iglesias received his award and shared intimate information through a series of in-depth interviews about his work, inspiration, fans, collaborations with other artists (from Whitney Houston to Ludacris to Pitbull) and the process of making music videos.

A few of Iglesias’ most ardent fans were also brought on location, inside The Temple House, to participate in the “Certified” session video shoot by sharing the reasons why they are so drawn to his music and artistry.

Iglesias remains seated in front of a few of the iconic narrow windows of The Temple House as the camera view switches back and forth between his three “Certified” videos ("I Like It," "Cuando Me Enamoro," and "Tonight (I'm Lovin' You)") and his running commentary on the secrets and stories of the video shoots that garnered him the coveted Vevo award.

CelebrityDaniel Davidson