Production at The Temple House is a breeze.  Often used by the most important directors and producers from Los Angeles, NYC, Miami, London and elsewhere, The Temple House delivers 23-foot high ceilings, white walls, over 400+ amps of dedicated power, large air cooling systems, easily accessible and centrally located in the heart of Miami Beach, The Temple House is a favored production facility among producers, directors, photographers, talent, location scouts and crews.

Want to produce a show tomorrow?   Permits are NOT required for productions taking place within The Temple House.  Ease-of-use, quick access, ample opportunities for parking (valet available), close to all the best restaurants (and the beach), The Temple House Studios is ready at a moment’s notice.  Call us at a moment’s notice if you are concerned that the weather, or other factors, may impact your photo shoot, feature film production, TV commercial, interviews, press junket, VNR or other.  We understand production and we are here to help 24/7.