A Joy Wallace Catering Celebrates 25 Years In Business At The Temple House

A Joy Wallace Catering of Miami, Florida recently celebrated 25 years in business with their ‘Food. Style. Joy!’ celebration at The Temple House. This was a special event for us, as A Joy Wallace is one of our preferred venue caterers - and we were honored that they chose The Temple House as the location for their personal-milestone celebratory affair.

When a top-tier catering and event design firm, like A Joy Wallace, decides to commemorate their own longevity in business you can (and absolutely should) expect an anniversary soiree of epic proportions, glowing with the vibrant essence of everything the company stands for: cutting edge creative direction, inspired culinary pairings, innovative and interactive food stations, cascades of colorful flowers, over-the-top entertainment, and an attendance comprised of industry event titans enthusiastically bumping elbows and sharing secrets.

During ‘Food. Style. Joy!’ at The Temple House, the epicurean and design prowess of the A Joy Wallace team were in full flex and positively glistening with Miami-infused radiance!

On behalf of the entire Temple House staff, we warmly congratulate A Joy Wallace Catering for their 25 years in business and consistently exceeding the wildest expectations of their clients. We look forward to working with them even more frequently in the coming years - and we fervently recommend you do the same!

Daniel Davidson