Bethenny Frankel's "Calling All My Girls" Event At The Temple House, Miami Beach

Bethenny Frankel - the former “Real Housewives of New York” star slash Skinnygirl founder recently stopped in at The Temple House in Miami Beach as part of her whirlwind “Calling All My Girls” tour to promote her new “Bethenny” talk show, which debuts on September 9th.

The Temple House worked perfectly for this private celebrity event, offering a sleek and Miami-sexy backdrop to Bethenny’s meet and greet cocktail party.

Energy was high at our event venue, as Bethenny’s crew took full advantage of our 6,600 square foot Great Room, adding their own flourishes to create the perfect party atmosphere.

Approximately 150 fans were granted admission to The Temple House for this exclusive event where they got the chance to have a couple drinks with Bethenny, engage in some vibrant discussions and learn more about the new talk show.

Daniel Davidson